Clyde's recipe for the
Alabama Buck

Every now and then a drink comes along and changes your taste in beverages. This is one of those times. Introducing the Alabama Buck. Now grab yourself a shaker with ice and get ready.  

ingredients you will need
  • Clyde May’s Alabama Style™ "The Original"
  • sweet vermouth
  • fresh-pressed apple juice
  • ginger beer
step by step breakdown
  • glass
    sipping glass
  • difficulty
  • prep time
    7 minutes
step by step breakdown
Step 1

Pour in Clyde May’s Alabama Style™ "The Original".

Step 2

Add in your favorite sweet vermouth.

Step 3

Splash in fresh-pressed apple juice.

Step 4

Dash in cinnamon spice to taste.

Step 5

Shake the devil out of it, and pour into your favorite sipping glass.

Step 6

Top it off with a quality ginger beer.


You scored yourself a prized Alabama Buck.

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