Clyde's recipe for a

Clyde’s world was a far cry from the “hustle and bustle” of city life in Manhattan. However, when you use Clyde May’s to make a Manhattan, it’ll carry you right back in a timeless style where “slow and steady” is the order of the day. Here’s how to mix Clyde May’s Manhattan.

ingredients you will need
  • Clyde May’s Straight Bourbon
  • sweet vermouth
  • bitters
  • brandied cherries
step by step breakdown
  • glass
  • difficulty
  • prep time
    4 minutes
step by step breakdown
Step 1

Pour Clyde May’s Bourbon into a shaker with ice.

Step 2

Add sweet vermouth.

Step 3

Dash in some bitters for good measure.

Step 4

Stir together and strain into a coupe (or whatever fancy glass you have handy).


Garnish with brandied cherries. Sip and repeat.

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