Clyde’s recipe for an
Old Fashioned

Where Clyde came from, high standards were expected. And you did your best because you knew it was right. Though times have certainly changed, old-fashioned standards are alive and well at Clyde May’s. Here’s a classic cocktail Clyde would be proud of.

ingredients you will need
  • Clyde May's Straight Bourbon
  • Orange Peel
  • Sugar Cubes
  • Bitters
step by step breakdown
  • glass
    rocks glass
  • difficulty
  • prep time
    4 minutes
step by step breakdown
Step 1

Grab your favorite tumbler, and pour in Clyde May’s Straight Bourbon.

Step 2

Add two dashes of choice bitters.

Step 3

Drizzle in your favorite maple syrup.

Step 4

Stir gently and serve over ice.


Garnish with a fresh shaved orange rind and brandied cherry.

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